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05.07.2018 05:33

Exquisite amazing women&#8217;s special

Now all the big shots watch brand pay more and more attention to the creation of the jewelry table, the advanced TAB pay equal attention to both technology and senior jewelry process

Now all the big shots watch brand pay more and more attention to the creation of the jewelry table, the advanced TAB pay equal attention to both technology and senior jewelry process, both challenge extreme luxury, more artistic innovation constantly.Of diamond wrist watch this year much more special, especially girard-perregaux cat’s eye series launched a whole pave diamond drill Replica Cartier Lover Bracelet table, is said to be the most expensive watches.Girard-perregaux cat’s eye series drill table “expensive” of the world’s wrist watchGirard-perregaux (Girard Perregaux) the latest women’s table series Cats Eye chose Hong Kong as the first parts of the world. Glows at night, as the name implies, Cats Eye is the cat’s Eye, you can speculate girard-perregaux the meaning of the manufacturer, is: “one that lady in the occasions such as dinner party at night, shine the new watch.”Both inside and outside the hair shineSaid that Cats Eye innovation, absolutely is the truth, because has never been a ladies watch, appearance is so follow the fashion, inside is the strength of the earth. If Cats Eye, success will bring about a new trend, the dress table from now on no longer drab, also no longer only pay attention to outward appearance.Ms often dinner, holding out, it must be conspicuous watches and jewelry, as the basic makeup of the body is equipped with. So modern women claim to the wrist watch has become diversified, sometimes wear sports watches, sometimes wear feminine wrist watch, sometimes wear to attend bright wrist watch. In fact, in recent years, the Swiss watch factory for ladies’ table in many innovative ideas. Strap can be easily removed, for example, change with pastel or exaggerated color Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet feathers, such, can be suitable for different occasions to wear the same watch, as long as the corresponding strap, whole table becomes quite different. However, the new idea of, still have old place, that is machine core part, still on the basis of quartz production.Turn Cats Eye is different, as long as see the back of it, see it adopted by automatic machine core, is the man also will feel jealous, really not the kui is a girard-perregaux movement, its fine degree absolute can keep pace with the men’s movement.Girard-perregaux cat’s eye series set auger ladies watchExquisite amazing women’s special movementHairspring balance wheel position, deliberately in the top of the movement, when the words carved with GP turn tuo prolapse by gravity, delicate balance spring torsion pendulum in front of people. You can clearly see, it’s time calibration is not using the shifter lever, but more provinces where pusher. Women’s wrist watch machine core is fine design.Steel blue bolt, between the lines and lines of bypass burnish, solid gold tuo and delicate red jewel bearing… Who wants to to today’s women’s wrist should have this kind of high precision movement, its pretty did more than diamonds! Believe that soon, ladies will fall in love with this kind of wrist watch, and become a trendy, haute couture era of mechanical watch, is going to come.Mechanical watch pathological ocd tuning table playing methodEnglish abbreviations for DKD (DeutscherKalibrierdienst), it is to point to in Germany to accept calibration services or accept the German technology center of calibration services, provide service party shall be given the DKD certificate shall be signed, said its service authorized by the German national standards committee, the test standards can be traced back to the Cheap Trinity de Cartier Bracelet highest international standards. “He said of the watch was got the DKD certificate, visible Germany observatory certification and DKD is not lost in COSC.“Three stitches a line” clock can also traced from the 17th century the clock about sailing and the arrival of the era of large sailing requires more accurate clocks to indicate the right time for sailors, “three stitches a line” the layout of the clock is easy to set-up and accurate, to meet the requirements. Under this arrangement, minutes and seconds when three stitches run independently do not affect each other’s problems, so will be more accurate, set-up time allows independent tuning each pointer, also have a high level of precision, ensure the realization of the adjustable table to points. The Marine chronometer usually equipped with power storage, because the voyage in the vast sea encounter sailing clock lockout is not a small problem.So “a line” three needle clocks represents the standard time of the layout, so in today’s more in the Swiss watchmakers factory to this type of clock as the master clock table factory, “three stitches line” pointer also are often referred to as the standard pointer, this indication “a line” three needle type clocks in the position in Switzerland to the human eye. Many brands were introduced after sailing astronomic watch series – pointer to the standard precise pursuit, the performance of certification is more than enough to get the observatory. These navigation astronomic watch, not adopted the “three stitches a line” layout, but more the traditional Marine chronometer and name the small second hand at 6 o ‘clock, 12 o ‘clock for power storage disk layout. Speak of the Marine chronometer, have to say is Athens, Switzerland sand tiger (Neuchatel) observatory issued the 4500 calendar year certificate maritime observatory, which won the 4323 Athens, as high as ninety-five percent, indicating the weight is heavy. In today’s observatory navigation watch comparison is sailing Athens observatory Knockoff Amulette de Cartier Bracelet watch that grabs an eye, the face plate with hundreds of years ago on the ship Marine chronometer line configuration used in Athens.Need to explain here is today’s observatory watch is machine heart get standard authentication observatory watch, rather than the original engraving of the Marine chronometer. Observatory certification number refers to the standard, the Swiss observatory COSC attestation, of course there are exceptions,, he is one of them. Observatory standard certification, is to watch machine core, rather than assembling complete watch, he’s Senatorchronometer series using the table the well-known machine heart circle of friends, this machine is not Swiss observatory certification, but the German observatory certification and won the German certificate (DKD) calibration services.Speak German observatory certification, are going to have to mention WEMPE. WEMPE from jewellery, watch shop, they turn to the TAB and deep historical origin, in collaboration with, he said, there is, he’s master inventor, flight the tourbillon HELWIG WEMPE had worked for, “he said, for the 100th anniversary of WEMPE ship clock factory made memorial table, so its actively promote German home observatory standard authentication won the case he’s support in the town. WEMPE under government support to he, to rebuild the observatory in Germany, and through the German measurement testing department’s approval, for start “MADEINGERMANY” clocks and watches products for testing and certification and the precision as well. Germany observatory history is not shorter than Switzerland observatory history, German authorities observatory certification test standard requirements of whole table in case he town for 15 days of the test, while machine heart in 5 tests. So in the period of the Berlin wall replica cartier bracelet even though he, watch industry, but at the time of GUB table factory produced at all levels of the observatory watches every year.Restless adjustable table specialistVarious brands of chemical enthusiasm of sea surface after the time, in the continuation of the basic characteristics of nautical tables, began to add various fresh hot function, the pursuit of precision cannot have satisfied the restless guys, so appear a large number of different characteristics of the line “” three stitches observatory navigation table series. Patek philippe Ref. 5235, this is the first only patek philippe launched “a line” three needle watches, add the calendar function of happy heart does not generally, taking thin line, using the K gold pearl tuo. Product family MasterGrandeTradition specification pointer watch, very you’re welcome to join the 3 q, fake cartier nail bracelet is also a long power watch, power reserve up to two weeks. Treasure ji ClassiqueGrandComplication is always in “three stitches a line” layout joined the tourbillon, small second hand directly simply put aside in the vedas flywheel. Jacques johndroe RegulatorIvoryEnamel with a big open ivory enamel dial, eight layout. The nations Portuguese specification pointer heart, heart how to use pocket watch 98245 machine is obviously 98 machine heart transformation. Montblanc is more interesting, and get rid of the traditional power reserve, according to its specifications pointer sailing hour meter not only joined the two places, also have a timer, display and so on many functions, day and night to become the “three stitches a line” watch the complex function in the higher-ups.These enough to show for the navigation table has great passion and name, the layout of the “three stitches a line” is applied to the watch still charming because of cheap cartier trinity bracelet two things: first, to ensure accurate and at the same time, neat beard needle independent guarantees the clear when reading; Second, style restoring ancient ways is rich, the standard pointer from the 17th century, the stability of the layout and the minimal heart structure to change, “three stitches a line” the style is table friend exterior-interior in junior three needle important choice, small three stitches. These specifications pointer watches, though each special skills, I prefer he Senatorchronometer observatory watch, because it really put the observatory navigation technology heritage and development.

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